The Outlaw Thrush Stuff HowItWorks

The Outlaw Thrush Stuff HowItWorks

What is Thrush for Horses?

Thrush is a nasty, aggressive combination of fungus and non-aerobic bacteria that attacks the sensitive underside of the hoof, primarily the frog and surrounding heels, bulbs, and crevices.

Is thrush common in horses?

Thrush is a common issue that all horse owners will experience at least once in their lifetime of owning a horse.

Thrush in horses’ hoofs is as common as athlete’s foot is to humans.
It only needs the right conditions to take hold of the hoof. Most horse owners think they have done something wrong for thrush to develop in the hoof, but it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s the perfect storm situation.
Thrush bacteria is found in all dirt, so there is no escaping or avoiding it.

For example, the dry areas of the country where the wind blows dirt have the same bacteria found in them as the more rainy areas. The resulting infection of thrush in the hoof, also known as seedy toe or wall fungus, requires a preventative approach. So thank goodness we have a treatment to contend with thrush in the hoof.

The best defense is offense, being aware of the signs and what it looks like is half the battle. Thrush grows in dead organic material, so manure, hoof growth, and moisture from the horse’s hoof make the perfect incubator for thrush. Ok, I’ve been preaching to the choir. Let’s talk about what we can do about it.

Clean and use Outlaw Thrush Stuff

In dry climates, horses still get thrush in the frog or culcus of the hoof. A hard, dry layer of frog can hide the sensitive tissue underneath. If not trimmed back so it is reachable for cleaning or treatment, the thrush will take hold. This kind of thrush is always a surprise. Again, if you don’t know it’s there, you can’t do anything about it. This challenge is also why a farrier is so essential.

In wetter areas of the country, thrush is always present, so drying and treating the thrush in the frog or culcus is an ongoing problem. The Outlaw Thrush Stuff product is a true antiseptic and astringent.
The antiseptic kills the bacteria on contact – that’s great, but you eventually have to let the hoof go right back in the dirt and muck, which reintroduces bacteria all over again in the hoof.

So this is why you need the astringent part of Thrush Stuff. – It changes the moisture content of the hoof tissue, stopping thrush from retaking hold and allowing health growth to return.

The Outlaw Thrush Stuff reduces the bacteria and changes the moisture content of the hoof tissue. That’s why it’s such a great horse preventative and treatment product.

It’s important to note that this is not a one-time treatment, and if any other product is making these claims are just flat-out lying to you. Stop the infection and then regrow the frog tissues, which takes time. You will see results if you consistently clean and treat the problem. Fortunately, this problem is not fatal, just uncomfortable and annoying but workable with Outlaw Thrush Stuff.

Outlaw Thrush Stuff Treatment

Outlaw Thrush Stuff is a horse thrush treatment that offers an easy way to apply a proven solution to your horse’s thrush. This liquid formula is easy to apply, non-caustic, and will not burn or damage your horse’s sensitive hoof. In addition to resolving the thrush issue, you can expect the treatment of Outlaw Thrush Stuff Treatment to toughen your horse’s hooves, soles, and heels for overall improved hoof health and growth.