Horse Severe Thrush Treatment

Horse Severe Thrush Treatment

A horse with a deep, severe thrush infection had penetrated deep into the sensitive plantar cushion within the horse’s hoof, and this horse was lame.

The hole caused by the thrush infection was 1/2″ deep before treatment. After three days of Outlaw Thrush Stuff treatment topical application, there was a considerable reduction in both the size and depth of the horse’s thrush infection—no sting formula. After a few weeks, the farrier will trim the thrush hole; you would never know it was there.

Thrush is a common anaerobic bacterial infection of the horse’s hoof tissue characterized by a black, necrotic (dead), foul-smelling material.
This condition typically affects the central or collateral sulci. Still, in severe cases, thrush can also invade the foot’s white line, sole, and sensitive layers, potentially resulting in permanent lameness. That’s why early detection and treatment is so important.

Using the Outlaw Thrush treatment, you never need to reach this level of infection and pain.

Antiseptic and Astringent Treatment for Severe Thrush in Horses

Why is an astringent the perfect treatment for thrush in horses?

Horses get thrush from standing in unclean soil. Soil that has anaerobic bacteria that invades and starts feeding off dead tissue. As the hoof grows, the dead growth thickens, which protects the horse from getting injured, but thrush can also develop in this dead tissue.

The Trush Stuff product, which is a true astringent, will shrink the tissue at the cellar level, reducing the cell’s water content and drying the tissues. See below for how to apply.

Apply the Outlaw Thrush Stuff to the frog to treat the thrush infection.

Severe Thrush In Horses

This picture is a close-up of the horse’s frog to show the thrush infection areas that need to thrush specific topical treatment.