How To Get Rid Of Thrush in Horses

How To Get Rid of Thrush in Horses

Thrush needs two things to replicate and invade the soft dead tissues of the hoof, and by getting rid of moisture in the cells, it effectively stops the spread of thrush. The second thing thrush needs is a lack of oxygen. After all, thrush is anaerobic or thrives in no-oxygen environments.

How do you get rid of thrush in horses hoofs?

Horses have the unique ability to shed dirt and debris from their hoof naturally. The shear action of stepping causes the expansion and contraction of the hoof. This movement sheds anything packed in the foot. The fact that manure gets trapped in the hoof and stays there is the cause of most thrush infections in the hoof.

Thrush is an anaerobic bacterial infection that eats the dead exfoliating tissues of the hoof. That’s why everyone says to pick out the feet more. They say this to open it up to get oxygen to the thrush-infected area. Oxygen kills thrush on contact. So, does only walking by itself always clean and oxygenate the thrush-infected area?

Occasionally some situations just don’t let the natural function of the hoof work, and we, as caretakers, need to step in and help. Horses that stand in untidy stalls every day, older horses that don’t move around very much, or any compromised hoof could have their hoofs packed with manure allowing thrush to grow unchecked and rampant.

A more robust treatment to effectively treat this condition in the hoof is needed. The recommended product Outlaw Thrush Stuff is an effective treatment because it’s antiseptic and astringent. As an antiseptic, it kills the thrush deep in the hoof’s nooks and crevices where the thrush grows.

After you treat thrush, you need to stop it from returning so the astringent part of the Outlaw Thrush product starts working. It reduces the moisture in the tissues of the hoof by shrinking the tissue at a cellular level without drying out the hoof. With reduced moisture in the hoof, thrush can’t survive.

The Outlaw Thrush Stuff is the most effective method of treating thrush.

The most effective way of getting rid of thrush

Outlaw Thrush treatment for horses is also an antiseptic, killing the bacteria that causes thrush on contact. By picking out the dirt and manure, it helps with Thrush problems. You need to clean the frog and heels of the horse’s hoof to treat with Outlaw Thrush treatment effectively, or the medication will sit on the surface and be ineffective.

The best and most effective way to eliminate thrush is to use an antiseptic and astringent.

Aftercare is just as important as following these instructions.
By following these simple steps, you can keep thrush at bay.

  1. Daily attention to hoof cleanliness and health is essential. If you can’t do this, make a backup plan with a friend who can assist you. Early recognition will go a long way in preventing or containing a festering infection.
  2. Your horse NEEDS regular motion to properly circulate blood to keep healthy, which includes the hooves.
  3. Regular exercise and turnout are essential – so get your horse outside and moving.
  4. The frogs should be trimmed so that while the V of the frog may remain somewhat deep, the frog isn’t allowed to grow to a point where it is overlapping, trapping organisms that can grow. This approach promotes self-cleaning of the clefts during a horse’s outside activities, including walking, exercising, playing, working, etc.
  5. Keep your horse’s environment clean, the object being to limit your horse’s access to areas of potential contamination. This habit includes providing good drainage for all living spaces, including turnout pastures, daily mucking of paddocks and stalls, and a routine of preventive Outlaw Thrush treatment.