Thrush Prevention In Horses

Thrush Prevention In Horses

Move your horse to a dry, clean area. The first step in preventing and treating thrush for horses is to remove your horse from the environment where thrush tends to flourish. If you keep your horse in a wet or dirty environment, the thrush bacteria will likely return, no matter your treatment options.

Contributing Factors of Thrush for Horses

Thrush is usually developed on damp or dirty ground, whether in a stall, field, or pasture. Pick out the hoof for urine, manure, and dirt daily. Horse waste can be a contributing factor in developing thrush in the hoof.

Thrush Prevention Techniques for Horses

Another way for thrush prevention in horses is to try spreading gravel or shavings on the ground. So this will allow your horse to keep its hooves dry, even if the floor of the stable or paddock is wet.

Trim the frog off the hoof. Once your horse is in a clean, dry area, you’ll need to have the frog trimmed on the infected hooves. So this will eliminate the affected area and permit better air circulation across the hoof, allowing access to apply Outlaw Thrush Stuff product for treatment which will also improve the chances that the thrush will not return.

Symptoms of Thrush for Horses

First, horses with thrush can be extremely uncomfortable or even in pain. Horses are highly stoic, not showing how much they hurt.

A horse uses the frog as a support structure for weight bearing and to pump blood in the hoof, stimulating hoof growth. Compromised blood flow in the hoof inhibits growth. If the frog or heel is riddled with thrush, every time that hoof touches the ground, it will cause pain.

Their whole personality and demeanor are affected, so if you are hurt, you would be grumpy, also. Our job as horse caregivers is to do everything possible to help identify and treat infections in the hoof.

Treating a Horse with Severe Thrush

Below is an example of treating a horse with severe thrush for horses. The right front hoof is infected with thrush, and the frog is cracking and cut. Next, you see two weeks after using the Outlaw Thrush Stuff product how much better the frog is looking, the cuts have healed, and the horse frog is still swollen but much better than before. Then you can see four weeks after treatment for thrush where the frog is in better shape, and six weeks after treatment.

Treating a Horse with Severe Thrush

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